Do you teach your techniques?

Not formally. Yes, informally, by modeling their use.

Most successfully thus far with the committee metaphor and use of the we voice. I know a person gets it when they reflect the technique back.

My physician now often asks me what the committee or “Dr. Larry” thinks about a medical issue.

When discussing a difficult decision I faced with a friend, she said, “Well, I think you need to have a committee meeting on that!”

Met an acquaintance struggling with a personal life choice. Said to him, “It’s sort of like you have a committee of parts that make up the whole of you. Hold a committee meeting. Let each part or view have a voice. Work it out as a group.” Sometime later he approached me a let me know hat he had reached a decision and all the ‘committee members’ were on board.

This also illustrates how you can be helpful to someone by offering a practice, not a content solution.

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