What is the finger signal technique?

Establish a twitch of the thumb to mean ‘yes’ and the twitch of the second finger to mean ‘no.’

Then, ask your unconscious selfing processes any question that can be answered with a yes or a no. One of your fingers will twitch, indicating a response.

I use finger signaling frequently, and often when in the we voice.

It is especially useful because it provides the unconscious mental processes another way to communicate with the conscious self in a fashion that can be understood by the conscious self.

I learned this technique while studying self-hypnosis. It’s another technique for the toolkit.


How have these practices helped you?

Last summer I learned (from routine screening) that I had experienced a silent heart attack. Subsequent investigation confirmed and showed damage.

Lots of fear was triggered.

At one point, I went into the we voice and asked what are we afraid of? Dying? No.

Then what? Answer came back, in the impersonal voice, dying alone.

Oh. What can we do about it?

Answer popped into my head. Oh, nothing…but when the time comes we will all join hands and go over the waterfall together! I (personal voice) just broke out laughing. In stitches for a few minutes.

Frankly, I (personal voice) have been at peace with the situation since then.

This one was a “biggie,” but most of life’s challenges are not. I routinely use the we voice just to check with all my parts and to see what’s going on.

It is an honest, open, and intimate experience.

A friend at dinner the other night spontaneously said that she thought I was awakening.

Could be, at least to a small extent.

I, we, it, and best thinking are all certainly happier and suffer a lot less. Something is changing!