What is the “Even though…” language pattern reframe?

It’s a language pattern I frequently use when I’m in the we voice. I also use it when helping others.

The structure is: “Even though I [negative thought, image, or feeling], I [positive thought, feeling or image].

Equally useful is to substitute ‘we’ for ‘I.’

This is an extremely effective language pattern. It is also really simple and easy to use.

The first phrase paces the underlying or presenting ‘problem’ issue, and the second phrase links or leads to a positive thought and feeling.

In NLP, it is the structure of a basic reframe.

In recent years it has also become the foundational language pattern for EFT (Emotional Freedom Training).

It is a simple language pattern, which you and I can use to help ourselves and others. It is one of the most effective language patterns I know for voluntary, conscious, self-directed personal change.


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