What are edges of your current practice?

One is trying to bring more of the flow of images/pictures into my conscious experience.  Words, feelings, and bare sensations are my primary conscious streams of mental activity. For you it may be more images and feelings.  So when I can invite the images to the rountable of conscious experience, this human being can experience altered states compared to the usual baseline.  This is an activity I’m exploring–we are exploring–this whole self is exploring.   And impersonal analytic thought is still gathering ‘data points’ of experience and isn’t saying much yet.

Another area is exploring the boundaries between conscious and unconscious or subconscious mental activity.   One very clear boundary is at the time of first waking up.  Literally, the reality tunnel of the five basic senses wakes up, then after some pauses, with no conscious effort, various ‘bundles of thought subjects’ arise.   So I’m setting intentions to see, hear, and feel internally what is happening in the background as those thought bundles rise up.  Again, still under exploration.



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