What are the “two silences” practices?

Stopping or letting internal dialogue drop, aka “maintaining radio silence,” is the first silence practice.

One doorway is to set the intention mentally, with the inner agreement that the personal voice will return. This way inner dialogue representing the “I” self is not threatened. Slow down the pace of the inner dialogue…use a softer voice..let gaps appears…and let it rest. Just setting the intention will also allow it to happen. It does not have to be hard forced. As internal dialogue disappears, experience the silence. Eventually, return to the personal (I) voice.

The second silence practice is allowing or encouraging below conscious awareness mental activity to slow down or stop.

How? When below conscious mental activity subsides, eyeball movement subsides.

So, bringing eyeball movement to a rest is a doorway into this state. Allow your eyeballs to rest comfortable…with less..and less…and less movement. Until they aren’t moving.

Also, there is a very dependable indicator that accompanies this mental rest. There is a consciously noticeable “wave of settling” in muscle activity. Moreover, there is almost no twitching, muscle tension, or desire for movement…all without any forced effort.

Another dependable doorway to silence is to let the jaw drop or relax.

Put these silence practices together, while maintaining alert awareness of the five basic sensory “live feeds” and you have a recipe for interesting experiences!

These are doorways into whole body experiences of joy and pleasure.


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